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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Partner from Hungary_Leonardo da Vinci Partnership

This Leonardo Partnership project is a cooperation of vocational training schools working on the field of filmmaking. We already have 3 partners, and we would like to expand this partnership:

  1. House on the field Cultural Association - Polifilm School from Budapest, Hungary
  2. Luzanky Leisure Centre - Studio Lavka from Brno, Czech Republic
  3. Fundacja Filmowiec - Poznan, Poland

Three main goals that we want to achieve: First is to give the opportunity for our students to learn from an international teacher team. Second is to give them the possibility of making films in an international team using English as working language. The third one is about the teachers team: international know-how changing, learning from best practises. For professional development we arrange three international workshops: one-one take place in each countries. We would like to make the vocational training more international and create a European network.

We are looking for vocational training schools as partners for Leonardo Partnership projekt that agree this subject and these goals.



House on the field Association