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Friday, October 30, 2009

Partner from Romania_Comenius Multilateral Project

Dear colleagues,

I represent a small secondary school located in the town of Alba Iulia, Romania. We are looking for partner schools to initiate a Comenius multilateral partnership on the theme „Educational tourism as a means of promoting our region/county/shire”, preferably in English or French.

As I have already mentioned, we are a small secondary school (forms 5th to 8th) belonging to a larger institution called „ Alexandru Domşa” Technical High School. There are about 125 students learning here, aged 11-15, and about 12 teachers of different subjects. Our high school has already got experience working on EU funded projects (a Phare and a Comenius multilateral projects-ended, a Comenius bilateral and a Grundtvig multilateral projects-just begun), but since all these were/are destinated to highschool students, I want to initiate a project that involves secondary school students who are so eager to involve themselves and who like practical activities so much.

Those who are interested in a future partnership can contact me at this email address:

Best regards,

Eleonora-Luciana Trif