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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comenius course_France

Recently, heritage in all its forms has received a lot of attention across Europe and both primary and secondary education have used it in developing many fascinating outcomes. This is because heritage lends itself very well to new pedagogical approaches, such as cross-curricular collaboration and project work. HEREDUC refers to HERitage EDUCation and has developed a guidebook for teachers. The guidebook contains approaches to heritage in Europe and concentrates on how teachers might integrate heritage education in lessons, in primary as well as secondary schools. The guidebook will be used in Comenius in-service training courses. The fourth HEREDUC course will be held in Saint-Jean d’Angély, France from May 3 , 2010 until May 9, 2010. More information on Hereduc and the training course in 2010 can be found on

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