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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comenius partner_Germany

COMENIUS project proposal

European (Hi)stories

Recent European history as reflected in stories told by three generations

Idea: Each participating pupil collects three stories: one told by a grandparent, one told by a parent, and one told by themselves. The stories told and collected are to be “European” in the sense that they reflect encounters between Europeans. Such stories could, for instance, include stories about the second world war, events experienced at the former borders in Europe, or simply noteworthy events involving people from different European countries.

Goal: To raise an awareness of the enormous developments towards integration that have taken place in Europe in the last six decades

Product: All stories should be translated into all the languages of the countries involved in the project. A collection of the stories and their translations could be published in print and/or online at the schools’ websites

Ricarda-Huch Secondary Modern School
29 Wilhelmstr.
80801 Munich

c/o Dr. Christoph Rühlemann
Teacher of German and English