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Monday, February 8, 2010

Partner from Turkey_Comenius Project

Hello from Turkey,

We are looking for partners for our project titled as "NATIONAL CINEMA AND NATIONAL DANCE (NACINADA)".

We hope through this project our students will have opportunity to discover their own national values and learn about other nations' values and art. Comenius school projects are great chances for students to improve their language, general knowledge and personality.

By studying art (cinema and dance) students can engage in language development by improving their life perspectives.

We will be very happy to study with you. Our school has got a lot of facilities to contribute the success of this project. Our teachers and students can communicate effectively in English, We have elementary and secondary and high school students so we can study with your students at any grades.

We believe that our school and country will be great place for your students to learn about art, thanks to rich art heritage of Turkey in terms of folk dances and different cinemas. We are willing to learn about your culture and rich art heritages in your country.

Additionally, we want to emhasize that we are ready to participate in any projects proposed by you. Our primary aim is to help students improve language skills and discover new countries. We believe that it is a great chance for our studnets.

Since we have a limited time for official procedures in project applications (19 Feb. 2010), we will be glad if you reply us soon.