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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comenius Bilateral Partnership_Estonia

A school from Estonia is looking for a comenius bilateral partner. Our students are 16-18. Working language of the project is English. We are going to appy for 24 mobiities. Below is a summary of the proposed project. The title of the project is „Reading is a Pleasure. Learn About Yourself Through Literature“ If you are interested, please, contact:

Tamara Gordina

Teacher of English


One of the serious problems today is that young people don`t want to read. 2010 was a Year of Reading in Estonia which demonstrates what important issue it is. The main aims of the project are to encourage students to read fine fiction, motivate them to get information not only from the internet but from paper books as well. Help students open and express themselves through drama and animation. Give students a possibility to compare and contrast teenagers` life in different countries and different time periods. Promote Estonian literature in Europe and get to know partners literature. Reading books about teenagers students will be able to see how the problems of friendship and love, relationships with classmates, teachers, parents and etc., rights and duties, responsibilities... are solved. Discussing all these important things at the round table with foreign students will help them solve their own problems connected with the topics mentioned above. In Estonia students have chosen 3 books: "Kevad" by Oskar Luts (1912), Kadri.Kasuema by Silvia Rannamaa (1960s) and "Kirjaklambritest vöö" by Mare Sabolotny (2007). Student will read books in their mother tongue (in Estonia in Estonian) and write the summaries of these books in English to present them to their partners. Animated films based on the books will be made by the students. Extracts from each books will be acted by the students (story theatre-methodology helping students express themselves and their emotions and feeling through acting). Students will visit theatre performances in both countries. Meetings with writers will be held. Museums (mostly literature museums) will be visited. Round tables about youth problems will be held. Final product: 6 animated films and a video about the project activities.