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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grundtvig Learning Partneship_CANARY ISLANDS



Canary Islands, Spain

Institution name:

Cultural Canary Leo da Vinci


c/ Mariana de Pineda 31-5ºE

Postal code:



Las Palmas de G.C.






Web page (if available):

Number of pupils:



Name + surname

David Santana Pulido



Type of partnership:

Grundtvig Partnership

Work topic:

Sewing craft workshops

General description of the project:

The dressmaking dates from the beginning of mankind and throughout history has reflected the culture of the peoples, with their shapes and colors. Women have played an important role in the design work, preparation of materials and workmanship, with the task to juggle parenting, work in the field or industry and maintaining the family home. It is an art that communicated in general from mother to daughter and was part of education sexist past. This activity led to the creation of costumes used as barter for products or direct selling markets. On another level, the upper classes resorted to designers of prestige or workshops.
With the industrial revolution began mass production that has reached our days, making it a very lucrative mass phenomenon, but with problems due to the low cost of garments made in China, which has disrupted the market without competition.
But with the current crisis, many skilled hands have returned to this office, at home, in small shops or family businesses, trying to break into a very small area. Some go further in exploiting ICT design, fashion shows, exhibitions.
This project seeks to promote this ancient craft, to give recognition to the dedication of women who are in contact with this world, coordinate on a common product, to know the idiosyncrasies of other peoples, languages and customs, because the seam is a living art.

We work with Canary Central
"SYSTEM AMADOR" and organized women's groups in neighborhoods and towns.

Main objectives:

-Coordinate on a common project for women who are engaged in sewing, fashion and clothing.
-Do you currently study the cultural aspects of each partner country and its influence on fashion.
-Analyze the relationship between unemployment amongst women and the increase of historical crafts to save the current economic crisis.
-To compare the influence of the current crisis in women according to the country.
-Knowing the customs and culture of other countries through its art and monuments.
- Detail-sewing processes the choice of materials, patterns and machinery.
List-sector reputable companies that use low labor cost in China. Discuss the influence of Chinese shops in competition from regional and national.
-Describe the methods of historical and current learning in this job
-List the characteristics of fashion design and new ICT technologies.
To recognize the work of artists who have made history in this art.

Main activities:

-Realization of work in common.
-Exhibition of work open to the public.
-Make a catwalk fashions and
-Technical courses.
-Performance practices-use of machinery and tools.
-To elaborate costumes documentation.
-Proven to display costumes and other partners.
-Use of ICT in fashion design.
-The art of manufacturing and design alternatives for youth work.
-It shows the tools and techniques in the making.
-Study of tissues.
-Study of color and screen printing

Student age:


Working language:


Partners already involved (if any):

Two from Turkey and one from Greece

Type of wanted partner:

Women's groups, workshops, colleges and schools adutos dedicated to sewing, design, fashion, clothing and accessories

Preferred countries:

Any country

Deadline for joining this group:

15 February