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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Searching for partners / Leonardo Mobility

Dear Sirs,

We are a Secondary School (general courses and VET) in the north of Portugal.

We are searching for partners for a LdV Mobility project for a group of students attending the Electronics, Automation and Computer Technical Course, for the school year 2009-2010.

We kindly ask you to inform the institutions of your country which could be interested in a project of that kind.

Below you can find a text characterising the professional profile.

Course: Electronics, automation and computer technical course

Professional output: Electronics and computer technician.
Training area: Electronics and automation
Professional related area: Electricity and electronics

School and Professional certification: Secondary education level
Professional qualification: Third level

The exit performance profile for the above course is as follows:
The electronic and computer technician is a qualified professional, capable of carrying out technical specific tasks, related to the installation, maintenance, repairing and adaptation of electronic equipment for industrial automation and computers, always respecting the hygiene and safety standard rules.
The main activities carried out by this technician are: to select components, materials and equipments, by using their technical characteristics and in agreement with the existing standard rules; to read and use manual outlines correctly or other technical literature, supplied by electric, electronics or digital equipment manufacturers; to do correct operations, adjustment and maintenance, according to the manufacturer's instructions; analyze and interpret working anomalies, making hypotheses of probable causes; to apply and respect standard rules, related to the activity developed; to apply and respect the rules of environment protection and the rules of prevention, hygiene and safety at work; to interpret and repair small facilities of low feeding tension, command, signalling and protection; to guide and collaborate with maintenance teams; to assembly procedures, maintenance and repairing of industrial automatisms; to project and accomplish electronic prototypes modules of small, or average complexity and to proceed to its assembly, tests and adjustments; to install and control electronic modules.