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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hosting organisation from Spain_Leonardo da Vinci

“The FUNDACIÓ MARFÀ for Training and Development” (FMFD in its Spanish name) is a
private, non-profit charity and social foundation, whose priority mission is cooperation for development in economically and socially disadvantaged areas. This mission is carried out by offering disadvantaged young people with an excellent academic record and high intellectual capacity the opportunity of university level studies in priority fields at the most prestigious universities in their country of origin and, in exceptional cases, at universities in Barcelona.
The assistance FMFD offers these young people is more than just a grant, as it covers all their expenses or needs, so that the beneficiaries can concentrate exclusively on their studies. The subsidies are also supplemented by academic monitoring and individual accompaniment over the course of the studies, ending with the task of integrating the beneficiary into the professional life of their country.

Furthermore, in synergy with this activity, the FMFD is a management agent for mobility in the “Leonardo da Vinci” programmes promoted by the EU, whose aim is to contribute to the qualitative and quantitative improvement of mobility among people studying initial and on-going professional training in Europe.


Úrsula Suárez
Tuset, 20-24, 7è-8a
08006 Barcelona
T. 93 415 02 13
F. 93 238 65 82