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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Transfer of innovations_Proposal_Turkey_Germany

We are a state vocational high school in Ankara / Turkey, affiliated to the Ministry of National Education of Turkey.In our school we have an Information Technologies Department, an Electric-Electronics Technologies Department, a Furniture Technologies Department and a Machinery Technologies Department.

We are going to present a Project to Turkish National Agency in 2010.The content and goals of the Project are given briefly below to inform you.

Between the years 2002-2007, with a donation of 55 million Euros from the mediterranean Fund, a project was carried out with the Turkish Ministry of Education and related social partners to improve the vocational and tecnical education in Turkey.

Many important results were obtained from this project related to the vocational education. One of the important results of this project is the foundation of UMYK (Institution of National Authority for Occupational Qualifications). This offical and independent institution has been trying to create its infrastructure.

The aim to establish such an institution is to develop the National Qualification System (NQS) taking the European Qualification Framework into consideration.

This institution has also started the process of creating the standarts of some professions with the agreements of various Professional groups, universities, labor unions e.t.c.

By the standardization of occupational qualifications, the education curriculum is being re-organised in accordance with the Modular System by the Education of Ministry.

Within the framework legislation of this institution, either the public or private institutions having the sufficient competences will be able to apply for in two different categories to do business.

These categories are;

Institutions of Education and Training
Institutions of Certification
So, by transfering the results of your project, we wish to get a mission from the Institution of National Authority for Occupational Qualification (UMYK) either in one category or both.

We like to realize our project both by examining the samples and experiences in EU on this issue and by the support of our national and local partners.

At the end of our project we aim to give certifications up to 4 levels in accordance with UMYK system (standarts) in the fields of,

Ø Machine Technologies

Ø Electrical and Electronic Technologies

Besides these, we aim to carry on our project paralel to the studies conducted EU-wide

on Professional Competencies; Certifications and standarts within the criterias of ECVET and EUROPASS.

In this context, the results (products) of our project will be the answers of the following problems throughout European Countries.
1) Classification of certificates to be given by UMYK (National Authority for Occupational Qualifications)

2) Preparation of theoretical and practical examinations for certificates.

3) Methods of preparing and updating the examinations for certificates.

4) Assessment of certificate examinations.

5) Members and their qualifications of the certificate examination commissions.

6) Preparation and assessment of the examinations for formal and non-formal training.,

7) Levels of European Qualifications Framework

8) Public and private institutions authorised to give certificates,

9) Validity of the certificates

10) Recognition of the knowledge obtained by non-formal training

11) Recognition of certificates given by occupational qualifications authorities by EUROPASS
The forming of the partnership;

From Turkey;

* A vocational High School,(my school)

* A current Labor Union Confederation (It is second biggest Worker
Confederation in Turkey)

*Ankara Directorate of Organized Industrial Zone.

These companies will be participating in the project due to their experience and their need in such a project.

As for the forming of the partners outside of Turkey;

We have a German partner whom we are going to transfer their Project results.But we want some more partners from EU to contribute our Project and share their experiences with us.

We’d be thankful if you help us getting in touch with the institutions which want to be a partner and support to our Project.

Best Regards.

Mustafa DASCI
Yenimahalle Vocational High School
School Principle

Address: Yenimahalle Endüstri Meslek Lisesi
İvedik Cad. No:25 Yenimahalle/ANKARA
Fax: 0090 312 343 63 36 Tel: 0090 312 315 62 74 / 0090 312 315 03 83