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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Transfer of innovations_Mobility_Italy

Dear partner
Accademia europea di Firenze is a no profit organisation, registered as vocational agency since 1992. The areas in which we work are the following:
- vocational training
- mobility projects
- non formal education activities
- counselling
- consultancy to the public administration on education and counselling

Since 1992 we promote international mobility projects, both as sending organisation and as intermediary one.
During 18 years we developed experiences and competences and, in accordace with the guidelines of the European Commission, we developed a manual for the management of workplacement all around Europe ( The manual is translated already into Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Maltese, Polish, Czeck and German.

We are looking to cooperate with you both as intermediary organisation in case you organise a mobility project and also in a TOI to transfer the manual in your country.

We attach our profile and CV in order to introduce better our work.

If you would like to receive a manual for management of the international workplacement, don't hesitate also to contact me.

Looking forward to provide more information and also to cooperate with you

My best regards
Silvia Volpi