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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transfer of innovations_Proposal_France


In charges within the Department Industry of the AFPA (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADULT VOCATIONAL TRAINING) of the editing and the driving of European projects, I look for partners susceptible today to contribute to three European projects

1. A Léonardo project "Transfer of innovation ".

We developed to the AFPA for two years the products of raising sensitization to the Sustainable development among which more recently a 3D cartoon movie trying to illustrate the major principles of the Sustainable development in connection with the professions by the industry.

This tool of training with the innovative character, suggests questioning and making sensitive the persons in vocational training, on themes so varied as the waste treatment, the energy saving, the equality man / woman either still the persons in situation of handicap …

It is the support in a learning citizen, by leaning on the exercised professional activity.

Hardly of thirteen different scénarii, proposing situations problems then the possible solutions he wants to be above all a tool of debate and learning to which is attached an initiative.

It is from this tool and from its adaptation and its distribution within the other countries of Europe where we wish today to deposit a Léonardo project " Transfer of innovation".

2. A Léonardo project "development of the innovation"

It concerns the implementation of a training turned to the transfer of know how to make of experiment for one or several professions by the industry.

This training will lean on the major principles of a methodological approach which remains to build.

It will besides be the object of a certain number of specific experiments among which reports and teachings will be on the base of the specific engineering of the transfer of the knowledge of the experience in the industry.

3. A Léonardo project "Transfer of innovation ".

It is a question for the AFPA of transferring a training initiative centred on the theme of the construction and the renovation of built ancient.

This training in application in campus of the AFPA has to find in the other countries of the grounds of application and transfer, in link, with associations of protection of the built heritage and for public in trouble of insertion (young people, job-seekers, prisoners)

Thank you for sending me the address and phone number of training centres or firms or institutions susceptible to collaborate to these projects.

You can if you wish it to return you on the site of our institution: and to choose the section Department Industry.

I remain entirely at your disposal for any information which you would consider useful to ask me,

Very cordially
Eric Régnier
Ingénieur de Formation
Département Industrie
AFPA - Lyon Vénissieux