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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hosting organisations_Portugal_Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to introduce you ETIC Incoming, a department part of a group of 3 schools based in Lisbon (Portugal), specialised in the organization and management of work experience, exchange projects, technical training, Portuguese language training, funded by the European Commission 'Lifelong Learning Programme'.

ETIC is a group of schools that provides Technical, Professional and Higher education in the areas of Image and Communication: Animation; Video; Sound; Music; Production; Communication and Journalism; Graphic Design; Interior Design; Photography; Multimedia and Acting.

ETIC – Technical School of Image and Communication is our technical school and provides 1- or 2-year courses, recognised by the Ministry of Labour.
These courses aim at providing or enlarging technical expertise and students, most of them already working in the chosen area, are required to have accomplished secondary education.

EPI – Professional School of Image is our professional school, and provides 3-year courses, fully recognised by the Ministry of Education and corresponding to secondary education.
After having successfully accomplished the course, students may choose either to take in a high degree in a University or begin their professional (technical) career.

IPA – Autonomous Superior Institute of Polytechnics’ Studies is our higher education Institute, fully recognized by the Ministry of Education.
It offers a practical learning experience, interdisciplinary and collaborative in arts ‘fields, technology and innovation. As an Institution of higher education, IPA is a center for dissemination and application of knowledge, creativity and innovation for sustainable growth, welfare and solidarity.

Aiming at sharing experience and enlarging social and human knowledge, ETIC group has already, since 2000, allowed more than 200 students to do some training abroad, within the Leonardo Da Vinci ´mobility Programme. In 2011, ETIC has received from Portuguese National Agency the “Leonardo da Vinci´s mobility Certification”, a certification that recognizes our operational ´capacity managing mobility projects. In Portugal, at this moment, only 4 organizations have this certification.
We are also experienced in several placements, exchanges, partnerships and Transfer of Innovation projects over the past ten years as a beneficiary, promoter, host and intermediary partner.
Since 2000, ETIC Incoming has received as host partner/intermediary partner students, teachers, VET professionals from Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Slovenia and Finland in many EU projects.
The results so far have shown to be very useful and enriching for everyone involved in the projects.
As host/intermediary institution ETIC Incoming commits to manage:
·         Work placements and internships for students and other participants of EU-sponsored projects with One-to-one monitoring and mentoring on a weekly basis;
·         Training with VET professionals in creative areas such as Video, Sound, Multimedia, Design, Communication, 3D Animation, etc;
·         Expert Exchanges, including professional observation programmes and study visits;
·         Language training with qualified teachers, accommodation and airport transfers/ local transports;
·         Cultural Activities;
·         Certification.

As you certainly know, deadline for submitting project applications is February 2012 so we kindly ask you to get in touch with us as soon as possible in order to start working on your Project.
ETIC Incoming looks forward to the possibility of working with you!
Telephone: +351 213 942 550
Fax: +351 213 978 421