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Friday, December 16, 2011

Comenius partner_Turkey

Теодора Гюрова, Лъчезар Африканов, Петя Аспарухов
Dear Possible Partners,
I am an English teacher and Project coordinator in Konya Turkey.
Ayaslar Primary and Secondary school (7-14 year old students) has a comenius project about culture.
our students will learn with the project;
-to understand each other
- different cultures
- intercultural dialogues
-different languages
-learning methods
and they will have best friendship form abroad
The title of the project is: 'Let's paint a rainbow  coloured with traditions' We are looking for partners.

We have one comenius experience. if you want to join our project, please send me message :
Kind regards
Hacer Hatice Topuz
а, Митко Шалев, Виктория Юнакова