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Friday, December 16, 2011

Grundtvig partner_Poland

Теодора Гюро
Development Association “PITAGORAS”
NGO Association
Rejtana 35/15 Street
35-328 Rzeszów
+48 502851369

Main goal of the association is education, culture, profession, social and medicine activities which are addressed to different social groups: people with disabilities, unemployed, with risk of social and professional exclusion, and people interested in their own development.

Association focuses mainly on education of deaf people, which is conducted in an innovative way, using web site, where you can find educational videos in a sign language. Videos are visualized by images which increases the effectiveness of the message and helps to better understand discussed subject.
So far we accomplished educational projects about prevention of violence among children and
organized educational campaign about prevention drug addiction among deaf people society.
Association is also involved in organizing courses of sign language for different social groups.
As partners we were involved in projects directed on social and profession activity people with disabilities and also in projects promoting sport and recreation.
We are strongly interested in international cooperation in some project as a partner. We are very open on every new education ideas directed to many different social groups, also for people with disabilities.
ва, Лъчезар Африканов, Петя Аспарухова, Митко Шалев, Виктория Юнакова