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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Comenius_Turkish School_Ready Project Idea


1.    The Aim of the Project:

The main focus is to raise the awareness of the learners on their traditions, cultural aspects, interrelational skills and their reflection to the other cultures by presenting Turkish culture (each partners) with fine arts photographs.

a-) Perceptive Skills:

The aim of the Project is to make students aware of the changing siluettes of the cities and to mention the pros and cons of the outnumbered people who struggle in them. While doing so we try to improve student’s perceptive skills through workshop club which mainly includes pictures, postcards, slides and videos, short films.

At the workshop club we have specific themes such as; perceiving of culture & traditions, urbanization & rural life, feelings & individualism & social life. Geography, History and Literature will help in the name of social science; Language, picture and music will help as fine art. We will also use maquette for the dream city.

b-) Inquiry Based Skills:

We emphasize the awareness of students’ skills by self-conscious, the committee of collaborative competition will be created to have themes be discussed. The students will discover know-how skills, understanding of the tolerance, critical thinking and problem solving methods.

c-) Expressive Skills:

To improve this skill a multicultural exhibition will be done. The photographs will be displayed at the corners, e-bulletins will be prepared during the process of the project, web site will always be updated, and students will write on forum, the short film will be recorded.

d-) Progressive Skills:

The learners are impatient so there exist a non-stable atmosphere, they can improve their skills in process. we call it progressive skills.

All these will help students to improve their craft skills, non-verbal expression skills, improve their social relations, and their communicative skills through fine art.

All we have mentioned above will help students in experiential learning process.

The target group is: 15-19 age (high school students)


In and out of class activities: integration to the lessons such as geography, history, literature will be supplied through integration with fine arts,( photographs).  Every student could not be talented about writing or discussing but they can take pictures and improve their expressive skills, these students also could be disabled students, who can even make maquettes.

Experiential learning: To learn the students by experiences they be taken to the places where the changes happened in time. While comparing the pictures in the past and the present they also compare the culture and customs which have changed in time. To be a member of a society is another important side to be belongs to a culture and a country.

•    workshop club
•    short films
•    postcards
•    pictures
•    evaluation of the themes
•    the committee of collaboration competition
•    e-bulletin and forum
•    project expression
•    corners
•    festivals

Miss Gülçin ÇUHADAR

The Head of English Language Teaching Department

Ankara Doga Schools